Not Dungeon Synth Nor Dark Ambient But…Five Albums From 2019 That (for me) Transcended Greatness!!

Although The Dungeon In Deep Space is dedicated to the fantastic Dungeon Synth & Dark Ambient genre’s, I am a huge fan of music in general and have been a lifelong admirer of just about everything ranging from extreme metal, fusion jazz to singer/songwriter material. This year has been an amazing year for music and I thought that I would share a few of my favorite albums that are not related to the DS/DA communities. I hope you enjoy these incredible albums and if you’ve never heard them before, give them a listen.

1. None – Damp Chill Of Life (Black Metal)

The mysterious one-man depressive black metal project known as None has an impressive resumé of consistently great releases and ‘Damp Chill Of Life’ is no exception! Atmospheric, somber, and versatile, None shows no mercy with a full emotional expression while delivering some of the best depressive black metal of the year!

2. Chelsea Wolfe – Birth Of Violence (Alternative)

Coming off of the release of her heaviest album to date, ‘Hiss Spun’, Chelsea Wolfe takes us on a more melancholic adventure with the semi-acoustic, ‘Birth Of Violence’. The songwriting is amazing and Chelsea’s voice is the best it’s ever been. Just when I think I’m a fan of her heavier material, ‘Birth Of Violence’ is here to change my mind.

3. Car Bomb – Mordial (Discordant Metal)

Move over Meshuggah, there is a new king of discordant riffs and jacked-up time signatures! Even though Car Bomb has been around a while, they become more impressive with each release. Mordial is – simply put – a monster! This album has everything I love about heavy music and if I lose my hearing soon, it will probably be because of this album.

4. Peter Bjärgö – Structures And Downfall (Atmospheric Singer/Songwriter)

‘Structures And Downfall’ is one of my favorite releases on the Cyclic Law label this year. The former mastermind behind ARCANA blazes through eight tracks of atmospheric, guitar-based tunes that have an exceptional wall-of-sound level of production. Above all, every song is supremely written, catchy and memorable.

5. Waste Of Space Orchestra – Syntheosis (Psychedelic Extreme Metal)

When I first heard that Oranssi Pazuzu and Dark Buddha Rising were collaborating on an album, I had no idea what to expect but I was sure that it was going to be something amazing. Amazing it is, ‘Syntheosis’ is a proggy, psychedelic metal masterpiece that showcases the strengths of both bands. Heavy, mellow, strange, doomy and psychotic are just a few adjectives that describe this extreme work of art!

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