Apoxupon Convey Endless, Free-Spirited Vibes on ‘How The Garden Grows’ Forest Synth Gem

The resurgence of Dungeon Synth over the past few years has been immensely overwhelming. A plethora of artists from around the world have released a magnitude of DS albums, many of them becoming instant classics of the genre and setting the standards for many generations to come. Another interesting thing that has surfaced with the rejuvenation of the genre is the introduction of sub-genre’s. Many artist have taken the basic approach of DS and have twisted it to the point that it morphs into a new dimension. From the eerie, hollowness of post-DS that transcends subject matter, to fantasy synth which takes the listener on musical journeys to mystical lands far away, where the imagination provides endless adventure, DS sub-genre’s have no boundaries. With Apoxupon’s latest release, ‘How The Garden Grows’, we find the winter season changing to spring, where all living things – once again – reach for life, in this Forest Synth magnum opus.

“Spring Renewal” is the perfect album opener as it fades in with a light streaming water, as if the winter ice has finally melted and is giving way to the natural garden scenery. Smooth harp and bass melodies set the mood for this track as birds chirping in the background find comfort in this warming environment. Beautiful orchestrations and tribal drum arrangements fill the rest of the space, making for a very enlightening song. “Moonlit” provides the same frame of character as the opening track, but elements of the dungeon synth genre are more predominant in the keyboard melodies and harmonies. Evening field recordings alter the atmosphere and the soothing, lush tones that begin around the three and a half minute mark, are the highlight of the track. “Gaia” brings the album to the early morning time where nature is at an awakening state. Alluring keys and background orchestrations are the focal point for the instrumentation, as the calming dawn gives way to full daylight. A flowing harp initiates “Weed & Vine” and various instruments come together harmoniously, representing continuity and growth in the garden. As one of the most upbeat tracks on the album, this one stands out as one of my favorites musically. “The Healing Stream” epitomizes the sub-genre term, forest Synth. From the magnificent harp sounds, minimalistic drum beats, light use of nature field recordings, to the multiple other sounds used, this track has it all. Although it’s very somber musically, it still has a very springtime feel to it, continuing the natural ambiance of the album. The final track, “Night Chorus”, represents the end of daily routine in the garden, and with its ambient vibe, proceeds to slows nature’s processes down to a halt as dusk gives way to the evening sky. What an emotional way to end such a majestic album filled with positive energy and artistic vision.

‘How The Garden Grows’ is an immaculate album full of surprises and musical details that may take multiple listens to fully grasp what all is going on. However, this is one Forest Synth album that you do not want to pass on and Apoxupon is bringing new light to a genre that is normally filled with eerie and grim medieval tales. I’m really looking forward to what the future holds for this wonderful talent and am excited (and hoping) for many future releases. Click on the link below and check out this album as well as Apoxupon’s previous stellar releases!

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