Drifting Symphonic Dirges And Soaring Vocals Surmount To Potent Effort By Tir On ‘Urd, Skuld & Verdandi’

Like a grim calmness after a harsh battle, the amble winds flowing over a searing mountain top, altering the bleakness of sudden silence can be neurotic in a very intense way. The battlefields intense aftermath is serene, albeit amongst the stench of blood and death. Will war continue to rage on or did the cost of victory for one side reveal an endless truce? Although we’ll probably never know the outcome of this imaginative tale, we can thank Tir for setting up an impressive display of medieval-era scenes on the triumphant new album, ‘Urd, Skuld & Verdandi’. Layered with harmonious anthems with impressive vocals and piano work, Tir, takes us on a valiant journey where our awareness for ascendency will be tested.

“Intro” is more than an introduction to the album, it’s a wonderfully layered dungeon synth tune that is soothing and gives us a comforting place to forge our own journey as we listen ahead. “Ancient Spirits” begins with a brisk cello & bass sound, giving a dynamic charge before leading in to the next part of the song. A soft, steady drum beat and plucking strings provide a landscape of preparedness for an upcoming deadly campaign. As the volume intensifies, choir-like vocals are added, giving this track a raging sound. “Song Of The Rain” is a captivating piano ballad with howling winds in the background. This is the first track with lead vocals and they add an outstanding texture to the song and the album as a whole – something not usually heard on a dungeon synth/medieval synth recording. “Tyr”, again features the sounds of a distant choir, as they croon a melodious chant while droning keyboards provide a fluid platform for them to come together in harmony. About halfway through the track, it takes a dark turn to a more evil and viscous sound, as if a mysterious dark cloud suddenly forms over the ancient city, changing day to night and altering the plans for those going into battle. “Giant’s Tragedy” has a more uplifting sound, as symphonic keys find the balance between triumph and tragedy. There is a nice piano & orchestration break in the song before it picks back up and finishes just as it started. “Invisible Part Of Mountains” represents calamity with its saddened keys and well-written melodies. This is one of the standout tracks on the album as it showcases a beautiful cinematic composition with haunting spoken words. “Burzum” is a short interlude that has some comforting field recordings and formidable keyboard arrangements with a droning tone in the background. “I Can See The Stars Behind” starts with the pulsating of a tribal drum and horn-like sounds instigate the forward march command as a battalion of warriors prepare to defend their kingdom. “Memories In The Shadow” is another fearsome piano-led song with more lead vocals. This song has a lovely fantasy synth vibe and the arrangement is full of warmth. “Wagnerious” is another short track that features several wondrous piano parts and although it starts with a fantasy synth foreboding, it ends with a very nice symphonic arrangement. The final track, “Rhön” opens with the howling wind of an empty valley and layered piano tones offer their melodies to combatant the sudden silence. Soon, an acoustic guitar riff ensues, adding even more depth to this enormous album.

Tir has successfully created a magical endeavor to follow-up the magnificent 2016 debut recording of ‘Mountains’. Although musically just as focused as it’s predecessor, ‘Urd, Skuld & Verdandi’ is more impressive with its dynamic arrangements, brilliant vocals, and the use of multiple instrument settings, without over using any of them. There is just enough detail in each song to tell an amazing story, allowing the listeners to latch on to what’s going on, and proceed with the adventure at hand. Please show your support for this amazing Turkish artist and download this grandiose album from the link below!

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