Vää’s ‘Ur Sägen Och Hävd’ Is The Equivalence Of An Award-Winning Motion Picture Score

Like many other genres of music, Dungeon Synth has many facets when it comes to styles, production type and songwriting. Whether it’s a lo-fi synth track recorded straight to cassette tape or top-of-the-line equipment used for large-scale productions, I love it all. As long as the songwriting is good, I can get with any style and tolerate any production method. Vää is more like the later, with beautifully engineered music and crystal clear production quality, and the output on debut album ‘Ur Sägen Och Hävd’, is of cinematic quality and could easily be a soundtrack for a medieval fantasy-based movie.

The grandiose synth introduction on “Swarthnor” will immediately grab the listeners attention and as soon as the bass pads make their presence known, the real feast begins. Right from the beginning, the theatrical nature becomes a dominant fixture, not only in this track, but with the rest of the album as well. Swaying through adventurous parts, acoustic passages and bombastic percussive arrangements, this is an excellent lead off song. “Land Ur Havet” begins with an austere acoustical score before massive synths fill the air with such allure and clarity, that you’ll find yourself drifting off to a medieval time, where ancient kingdoms, forest folklore and dragons existed. The classical elements on this track really stick out and are very well written. “Vittradans” starts with a charming and melodic arrangement that slowly grows into a majestic adventure. The percussion elements really stick out in this tracks and are performed flawlessly with the rest of the music. “Vääflickan” is another melodic, yet adventurous piece that easily rivals any soundtrack score of this nature today! Probably my favorite song on the album, it has a slightly dark undertone but is arranged in a magnificent way, in that it ebb and flows like a montage scene from a fantasy film. The depths and layers of synths are magnificent and the clear production gives each of them the glory they deserve in this track. “Ur Hävd Och Sägen” is another large-scale arrangement with percussion and layered keys that sound extremely effervescent in the beginning before slowing down into a middle acoustic passage. The track finishes strong with flute sound, backed by strong keyboard arrangements and additional percussion. “Rå” begins with a delicate string arrangement that puts the listener right in the heart of the Middle Ages. The charming sounds promote peace and prosperity throughout the kingdom and happiness and friendship is at an all time high between the commonwealth and royalty. The string and flute duet in this track are amazing and really stick out as one of the albums finest moments. The final track on the album, “Drottning”, is an awe-inspiring score that signifies the glory of medieval times as well as the luxuries and success of a thriving kingdom. Peaceful synths and harmonious drum patterns play a key part in the tranquil sounds of this track and I can’t think of a better way to end this album.

Vää have produced one of the most exuberant albums I’ve ever heard from the Dungeon Synth genre. Although I love me some lo-fi, crusty dungeon synth, this album is absolutely amazing. ‘Ur Sägen Och Hävd’ is one of the cleanest sounding, top-quality produced albums I’ve heard from this genre. If you like Dungeon Synth with a cinematic quality to it, look no further than Vää. I can’t recommend this album enough so download it from the link below.

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