The Gregorian Chants Of Metatron Omega!!

As with most genre’s of music, Dark Ambient contains several sub-genre’s to accommodate for the vast array of sounds and subtleties that don’t quite fit in with each other. There is the stark coldness of polar ambient, the hollow drones of space ambient, cinematic dark ambient, heavy field recording ambient, soundscape ambient, so on and so fourth. Whatever the case may be, each sub-genre has a small distinction from the other but still maintains the basics for achieving dark ambient greatness. Metatron Omega play a very distinctive type of dark ambient that is heavy on Gregorian Chants, cathedral type choirs, and the occasional spoken word/chant. What’s even better, Metatron Omega (Scorpio V) is a master of his craft and writes exceptional dark ambient tunes.
Metatron Omega currently has 4 releases available on the Cryo Chamber Label (best Dark ambient label around) and they are “Gnosis Dei” (2015), “Sanctum” (2016), “Illuminatio“ (2017), and “Evangelikon” (2019). Each one of these albums is absolutely incredible and I would recommend adding them all to your Dark Ambient collection.

Cryo Chamber Bandcamp:

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