‘Ata Amutar’ Is A Compelling, Yet Icy Cold DS Treasure!

Since 2017, the Wayfarer has been quite the active artist. Not only does he provide the harsh tones in the dungeon-noise project Abyssu, but he is also the visionary behind his main namesake project, Wayfarer. In that short period of time, he’s released six albums on Hungary’s Eldest Gate Records.

The latest album, ‘Ata Amutar’ is five tracks of icy cold dungeon synth that has a very minimalist old-school vibe. Clocking in at around fifty minutes, these tracks are epic in length and provide the listener the type of medieval soundscape necessary to escape into an alternate reality full of fantasy and battle torn, wintery wastelands.

The album starts with “Black Become The Sun” and it takes us on a near ten minute journey filled with eerie and dreadful tones that sets a precedence for the rest of the album. Other standout tracks include “Landscape I” and “Landscape II”, adding touches of dark ambient and fantasy soundscapes to broaden the dynamics of the album.

Lately, the Eldest Gate Records Bandcamp page has become my go to site for the best in DS music and Wayfarer has become one of my favorite artist in the genre. Whether you’re new to the Dungeon Synth scene or are a fan from way back, Wayfarer has something to offer that is inviting for everyone and ‘Ata Amutar’ is a modern masterpiece!



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