In Quantum Brings Us The CyberPunk Reality Of The Apocalyptic Future!!

The Cryo Chamber Label has been on a roll lately, but then again, when haven’t they. In 2019 alone, they’ve consistently released some of the most genre-bending dark ambient releases in existence. Adding to that track list of greatness is label newcomer In Quantum, bringing fourth their debut of CyberPunk Ambient called, ‘Memory 417’.

Sounding more like a cinematic score, ‘Memory 417’ contains elements of soothing ambient drones, soundtrack-like soundscapes, the occasional vocal narration, and anything in between that enhances the element of this massive story.

As with most dark ambient albums, it’s hard to just pick a track and listen to it as albums like these (specifically on the Cryo Chamber & Cyclic Law labels) need to be listened to from start to finish. There is so much to take in, and so many elements to this story, you can’t just listen to one or two songs and be done. However, that being said though, there are several standout tracks such as, “Dream”, “Sarapis”, and “Odyssey”.

If you’re a fan of cinematic ambient and the Cryo Chamber Label, chances are you’ve already heard this masterpiece. However, if not, I recommend hitting the link below and and downloading this right away as it’s probably one of the best dark ambient releases of the year!


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