Ugorim – The New Breed Of Dungeon Synth Has Arrived!

Dungeon synth has been around for ages and the influential beginnings – to this day – are still debatable. However, as with any genre of music, over time there will be growth, the introduction of new elements, and overall changes that may not be accepted by some. Take Ugorim, for instance. In just two month, they’ve released two demo’s of some of the most amazing music that’s been release this year, and it doesn’t sound like your typical DS recording.

August 3, 2019 saw the release of the second demo, ‘Lost Scriptures Of The Twilight Coven’. Containing six tracks of medieval-style dungeon synth, there is so much more on here than on your common DS album. The addition of drums on the second track, “Where Arcane Deities Gather”, adds a welcomed element that thickens the sound quite a bit. “Forgotten Guardian Of The Twilight” has a very eerie, trance-like feel that sounds like it could fit right in with a Trent Reznor/Atticus Ross Soundtrack recording. “Crypt Beneath The Forest” has the most traditional old-school DS sound on the album but also contain the live drum element to give it a more powerful sound.

When it comes to modern Dungeon Synth, Ugorim is the band to watch out for. In just under two months, they’ve released two outstanding demo’s, ‘Catacombs Of The Shrouded Mage’ and ‘Lost Scriptures From The Twilight Coven’. Although these demos vary in song structure, they are similar in the fact that they offer so much variance to the DS community. Please click on the link believe and support this outstanding up and coming DS band.


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