ØjeRum Calls Into Existence A Calming Nightmare That Is, ‘Without Blood the Sun Darkens’

Have you ever had a dream where you’re suddenly wandering through an endless field of waist-high meadow grass, with the wind blowing slightly, just enough to cause the meadow to sway back in forth in unison. As the green meets the blue at the horizon, you spot an old house in the distance so you make you’re way there without hesitation. Slowly, you climb the broken wooden steps and transverse the splintered planks on the porch and realize the house is completely dissipated and the front door has been left slightly ajar. As you make your way into the house, your attention is drawn to the forsaken antique relics throughout. A feeling of sorry comes over you for no apparent reason, and you feel ashamed for the unknown legacy of the houses’ past. On the kitchen table is a photo album, covered in dust, with initials in the bottom right corner. Those initials are yours. The pictures inside are of you. You’re stuck in this dream forever….well, for the next hour at least because that the exact melancholic emotion one would feel upon listening to the latest ØjeRum opus called, ‘Without Blood The Sun Darkens’.

With just a single track, covering nearly an hour of time, ØjeRum provides a proper soundtrack to the inner darkness you never knew you had. One would think that deep drones and evil soundscapes would be the ultimate device for gripping the terror in you’re mind. However, that is not the case here. Trance-like organ patterns that repeat over and over again, are just as threatening to the psyche as anything else. The calmness of this track is so intense, it continues to draw you in and requires repeated listens just to understand how thought provoking it really is.

As with all of ØjeRum’s albums, he creates the magnificent collage artwork as well. It not only adds to the story, but it draws you in even before the first listen. ‘Without Blood The Sun Darkens’ is an astonishing piece of work and Cyclic Law have added another great artist to their lineup. Support this amazing label and artist by downloading this album!



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