Inoriand Sends A Chilling Reminder Of How Bleak ‘Silence’ Is In This Post-Dungeon Synth Oeuvre!

When it comes to music, specifically extreme forms, the term “post” is sometimes misunderstood and in some cases, way over used. However, when we look at the basic definition of a music genre that has the term “post” attached to the front, it really means that the music it rooted in that genre, but then branches out to explore other realms that may be rooted in other genres, or not at all. So my first thought when I heard Inoriand’s latest outing simply titled, ‘Silence’, was that if there ever was a time to coin the sub-genre Post-Dungeon Synth, this is the album that would start the clock.

‘Silence’ is definitely rooted in dungeon synth as the standard sounding keyboards are ever present. However, they are used in a very bleak and non-conventional way that presents an icy cold presentation of dungeon synth in a twisted approach with an almost dark ambient feel to each song. The nine tracks are simply titled, “Silence I – IX” and are arranged in a way that they transition smoothly from track to track. Most of the songs are very minimalistic with minor arrangements that add to the overall obscure feeling to the album.

When it comes to esoteric dungeon synth, Eldest Gate Records has just the lineup of great artist to maintain that integrity. Inoriand has a handful of great albums but ‘Silence’ takes the cake as their shining moment. I hope they continue to leverage this momentum and produce more albums of this nature. Check this album out and support all of the bands on Eldest Gate Records, as you will not be disappointed!


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