Melanohelios Finds Warmth On The Brink Of Infinite Space

The struggles of fathoming time and space are real and the theme for a lot of space ambient releases is to expose the elements of deep space to the point where certain aspects are justified for exploration. Typically in most releases, there is an introduction of calmness before journeying to the outermost regions of the unknown. There, the music becomes darker with obsidian themes, usually resulting in a harsh ending with no turning back. However, on the latest recording by Melanohelios called, ‘VII: Warmth Within Endless Emptiness’, the cosmic ambient adventure takes us in the opposite direction.

Album opener – the near twenty minute long, “Void” – slowly builds into a dreadful flight of the unknown, that at first seem hopeless and endless for the protagonist. By the end, deep drones provide optimism for the mission at hand. Continuing on with “Inner Self”, morbid field recordings and industrial-like soundscapes provide an additional nightmarish spectacle that once again abolished all hope of success. “Fathoms” is twenty eight minutes of purgatory for the protagonist as the transition to light space is upon him. During this reasonably lengthy blackout period, we hear heavy breathing as he can only hope and wait out the middle-ground terror that is providing the safe passage to warm space. “Warmth” and “Warmth II” is the culmination of light space travel and the successful completion of the mission and/or the arrival at a safe destination to an Earthly environment where the scenery is alive and two way communication between beings exists.

As with all of the previous Melanohelios albums, there tends to be a well thought out theme that encompasses each track, that takes the listener on an unfathomable journey. ‘VII: Warmth Within Endless Emptiness’ is an exceptional story that is told well by a voiceless protagonist. Not only is the name – Melanohelios – a cool name for a dark ambient artist, but the logo has to be one of the best of the genre! Initially, one would think this would be a black metal album based solely on the logo, and although black metal & dark ambient do have similarities, this is strictly ambient art at its best! If dark, space ambient is your thing, it doesn’t get much better than Melanohelios so click on the link below and support this amazing artist!


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