‘The Mist Between Mirrors’ Provides A Safe Haven For Dealing With Anguish & Isolation

Ambient music is a truly powerful art form. It has the ability to open your mind, emotions, and inner consciousness to take you to another realm, albeit temporarily. Even though many genre’s of music have that same capability – especially music with lyrics that the listener can relate to – ambient, due to its longer song compositions, can take the listener on a complete escape and then a return to reality with a renewed sense of vigor. The Dark Ambient juggernaut known as God Body Disconnect has made a career out using this platform for segregating the conscious and unconscious minds and then filling them both with a storyline of chaos and hope. On latest effort, ‘The Mist Between Mirrors’, we’re taken on a slow motion journey filled with disappointment, isolation, anguish, & despair and given the tools to combat those feelings with an outcome of ambition and desire.

Opening track, “Grief Of The Living” has an intro filled with field recordings taken from every day life and they are all thrown together in a way we can relate to. A short narrative describes the emotional state of the protagonist and the situations that he is dealing with, along with possible negative outcomes. With so many choices to be answered, soothing drones take over to put the listener in a meditative state in order to become one with the protagonist. “Binding Years” has a harsher, industrial-like ambient sound at first and then soothes into a dark reality filled with lush guitar tones. The next track, “The Longer I Dream, The More Disconnected I Become” has the effect of calming rain with distant thunderstorms, while opulent keyboards and pianos provide a melodic adventure. “Where Our Ghosts Disappear” is a beautiful track filled with soulful droning tones that finally provide a sense of hope in this story for the protagonist. The next song, “The Existence Of Stars” continues the emotional campaign as the song slowly builds in volume in the first half and then slowly fades in the second half. “Old Feelings Always Return” is a short track, that although calming, gives the listener a sense that the protagonist has doubts about his new found hope and is unsure if dealing with his struggles in this way is the correct thing to do. The final track on the album, “Another Lullaby From The Abyss” begins with some low end droning and water-based field recordings before erupting into some transcendent vocals and finally ending with elements of warm cinematic ambient.

God Body Disconnect is one of those rare artists that can actually take you on a beautiful – but dark – cinematic adventure without any visuals and very minimal vocals and spoken words. Although GBD has only released three albums on the Cryo Chamber Label, veteran status has been reached as these albums are meticulously crafted and elegantly produced. I look forward to many more releases by GBD and am excited for what they will bring to the dark ambient community. Show your support for this exceptional release by clicking on the link below.



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