‘Labyrinth Of The Golden Princess’ Is Dungeontroll’s Powerful New Collection Of Lugubrious Hymns

As Dungeon Synth continues to gain notoriety and its musical variety expands into many complex sub-genres, there are some artists that maintain the traditional path of thy medieval biddings by conjuring minimalistic enchantments that are sorrowful, yet enthralling to hear. Over the course of three albums in just the span of a few months, Dungeontroll has painted a hypnotizing picture of beguiling anthems that not only stretch the limits of the imaginations, but allows the listeners to close their eyes and enter a fantasy world like no other. On ‘Labyrinth Of The Golden Princess’, we are drawn to a guarded crypt in a captivating, yet forbidden forest where our Siren awaits to be rescued from an entangled curse in which she is proscribed from ever leaving.

The opening track, “The Sleeping Crypt” is a somber piece, describing the depressive mood of the golden princess as she forever awaits her rescue or demise. “A Long Forgotten Kingdom” has a nice drum track to go along with the ethereal tones of the keyboards. The orchestrations add an additional layer that provides an element of surprise to the story, and a sense of uncertainty for the golden princess. “Weaving A Web Of Gold” is a light, relaxing piece in which I imagine the princess conducting one final act of self glorification – leaving her mark – by creating a golden, magical web. Even though the music is very mournful, it’s an accepting time for the golden princess as she prepares to leave the enchanted world behind. Next up is, “An Unspoken Oath”, which is sort of a continuation track in the storyline of the final moments of the princess. “The Lonely Paladin Of Uzohr” contains some very beautiful orchestral movements and some background choir-like sounds to signal the end of the golden princess. Although her life is no longer, her legacy lives on in the crypt through the mystical golden web that was spun prior to her disappearance. The final track, “Requiem For The Golden Princess” provides a solemn dirge for her final resting place with some very harrowing, yet detailed synth movements that have a melodic approach to a regretful ending.

On ‘Labyrinth Of The Golden Princess’, Dungeontroll examines the elaborate departure of this fantastical being through beautiful, soulful Dungeon Synth sounds that are true to the old school DS vibe and without being too radical. I love the record player sound effect that can be heard in each track that gives it that nostalgic feel, adding to the mystique of the ancient times detailed in this recording. This is one of the more fascinating DS albums that has been released this year and I highly recommend this to both seasoned fans of the genre as well as those people that want to experience something new and exciting. Show your support for this truly amazing artist and download the album from the link below. There is also a link if you’re interested in a physical tape purchase.

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