Moljebka Pvlse Examines Behavioral Impulses Through Chaotic Field-Recorded Soundscapes And Translucent Drones

If you’re a fan of the Cyclic Law Label, then chances are your musical taste expands greater than just Dark Ambient alone. Many of the artists have such a broadened sense of direction, that it’s hard to tie them down to a single genre, even though they may be solidly based in some type of ambient music. One artist that stands out in this endeavor is Swedish-based Moljebka Pvlse. Specializing in bizarre field recordings and extended droning rituals, Moljebka Pvlse drags the listener through an excruciating experience like no other. With hints of industrial ambience and apocalyptic soundscapes, one must be prepared for an audio journey that is equal inhuman and breathtaking. The four unfurled tracks that are presented on ‘Komoku’, are a resounding insight to the behavioral limitations of the mind, and the after effect that are conferred by the time the recording end has been reached.

The therapeutic festivities kick off with the seventeen minutes long “A Repetition Without Origin”. Right off the bat, the audio assault pushes the boundaries of sensory overload as various field recordings and drones clash in an epic battle for tone mastership. I can imagine walking in a pitch-black industrial containment area, in which evacuation alarms are ringing and escape routes have been demolished. As you try to escape your surroundings, matters get worse as additional eerie drones flood the senses. Haunting tones continue to invade your brainwaves as you’ve nowhere to go. This tracks is just test one of four. “An Emptiness Of Language” is an exhilarating track that shows no restraint for emitting audio atrocity. As the deep, extended drones penetrate the airwaves, you find yourself chained to a table in a small room, with a table and only lit by black lights. In your mind you can foresee the terror that awaits but are unable to call out. Unable to scream. There have been many here before you and you won’t be the last. The terrifying field recordings provide much anxiety on this track, even though it’s the shortest one on the album. Next up is the twelve and a half minute long “The Function Of Remembering”. To go along with the cyclic droning, bizarre instruments can be heard, playing non-melodious tones as if your in a circus full of deranged clowns with no means of escape. Even though no one in their right mind would dare enter such a place, you did, and without any recollection. At around the five minute mark, a grotesque recording creeps its way into the mix as panic begins to set in. You’re surrounded by these obscure noises but see absolutely nothing. As they get closer, the hair on the back of your neck stands stiff as you try to recollect your whereabouts. Suddenly you awake from this nightmare that seemed all too real, but find yourself chained to a table in a black light lit room. The final track on the album, “And The Farewell To All That One Has Lost”, could have easily been written for the final climactic scene for Stanley Kubrick’s, ‘The Shining’. For nearly twenty two minutes, there are evil forces at work on this dirge that administer a final sendoff of normal mental appropriation that abandons all hope of recovery and rescue. Although there is an eclectic mashup of styles on this track, and it’s less harsh than the previous ones, it still provides the resources needed to challenge the intellectual ability of ones mind when coping with traumatic experiences.

Moljebka Pvlse have a proven history of releasing drone and field-recording based albums. However, with ‘Komoku’ they’ve reached the pinnacle of their recording existence and have provided a platform for which the listener can place themselves in an imaginative scenario that exudes unlimited amounts of detail. This album’s is as much entertaining as it is intriguing. The German-based label, Cyclic Law, has provide a suitable home for such a wonderful artist. Show your support by downloading this outstanding recording at the link below.

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