Santolo Marotta Crosses Into The Somber Realm Of Obscurity With ‘The Bridge Of Dark Existence’

In life on earth, as we know it, bridges are used to actuate travelers from point A to to point B, by providing a means for them to traverse over an area that is intolerant to a normal commute. Wether it be a body of water, another – perpendicular – roadway, a valley between two high mountains, or another terrain of the path less traveled, bridges are the purgatory of destinations for which we rely on in our daily lives. However, in the spiritual life, a bridge can be the platform that connects Heaven & Hell, good & evil, and right & wrong. In Santolo Marotta’s exceptional new album, ‘The Bridge Of Dark Existence’, his message is that of a spiritual nature, in which the bridge connects the minds of the listener to a relatable darkness in a distinguished, yet eerie reality. With dense drones, moody soundscapes & pads, Santolo creates a calming vibe that is haunting, yet very appeasing to the restless nature of the conscious. The six songs contained on this recording flow into each other effortlessly as one sonic volume, while sounding equally entrancing as individual pieces.

“Kierkegaard” is a nostalgic yet mollifying minimalist thrum that solidifies the boundaries of both sides of the bridge as layers of droning pads creates an ominous and evil presence. No matter which side of the bridge the listener may find themselves on, a sense of apprehension takes over as imminent danger lurks ahead. “Atmosphere” has more of a cinematic feel as the keyboards perpetrate the sounds of stringed instruments, crescendoing and declining in sound and nature. It’s the perfect preface for “Atmosphere – Part II”, as the string sound gives way to a darker tone, while maintaining the same melody. This song represents the change in atmosphere, as listeners have committed to crossings the bridge into territories unknown, into a darkness that awaits their confrontation. “Ghost (Interlude)” is a short track that combines droning deep bass frequencies with a screechy soundscape to afford a sense of wonder, as the final steps across the bridge are probable. “Horror” is a definite stand-out track as it epitomizes a horrific danger that is fast approaching as a bizarre music sample is played over a hasty keyboard arrangement with occasional jazz-like improvised key patterns. The final song on the album, “Anaphase”, serves as the full spiritual crossover into the area of dark existence. Once the adventurer completes the trek across, the bridge disappears forever. Clocking in at over thirteen minutes long, this minimalistic piece encompasses several layers of deep and mid-level bass sounds that provide a vibrant and stimulating sound, continuously reverberating in the mind to create an atmosphere of empathy and enchanting nightmares.

‘The Bridge Of Dark Existence’ is a defining moment for Santolo Marotta, as he has successfully created a soundtrack of psychological terror and peaceful refrain. Depending on your reason for crossing a bridge – whether spiritual in nature or in the human world – a dark ambient medium is the perfect companion for providing the guidance needed for making the final leap of faith. ‘The Bridge Of Dark Existence’ is the perfect guide to assist in making that trip. The minimalist tones creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere to help open the mind, and allow for limitless exploration into dark worlds and uncharted territories. Please support this remarkable artist and download this stunning new album from one of the links below.

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