Grandma’s Cottage Presents Another Blissful Tale Of Serenity And Peace On The “Cookie” Side Of ‘Grandma’s Cottage’

Who says that Dungeon Synth can not offer comfort and warmth amongst the barbaric narratives that seem to overwhelm the subject matter of most releases? Sure there are those that write about mythical places full of tranquility but it’s rare that we get a set of releases that provide a sense of reward after all of the havoc has cleared the air. In steps Grandma’s Cottage, a new take on Dungeon Synth that is as advantageous as it is soothing. With two self-titled releases in the wind – The Cottage EP and The Cookie EP – I will be reviewing the wondrous sights (and smells) of The Cookie EP, simply known as ‘Grandma’s Cottage’.

Fresh out of the oven, the first track, “Snickerdoodle” is as warm as the sweet fragrance of the wintry pastry that is represents. With light keyboards and a nice melodic bell sounding arrangement, this track rolls out the welcome mat and makes you feel right at home. “Ginger Snaps” has a more dungeon synth sounding introduction although it is very light-hearted and uplifting as if grandma herself has forced you rest comfortably in a recliner so that she can cater to you herself. “Thumbprint” has a nice fantasy synth vibe but when the canorous keyboards commit, its as comforting as sitting around a warm fireplace after a nice feast, reminiscing old times. “Jelly Jewels” continues in the same vein as the previous tracks but features soft, flute-like sounds, adding a pleasant dynamic to this cozy scenery. The final track, “Russian Tea Balls” begins with a melodic key intro with the whistling sounds of a water kettle, then dives into an amiable fantasy synth tune that is full of spirit and harmony. Interestingly, if you download this album (from the link below), you’ll receive a recipe for Russian Tea Balls as a bonus.

Grandma’s Cottage is a unique and interesting concept that works rather well in the Dungeon Synth genre. Although the subject matter may be a bit uncommon for the community, the musical aesthetics are easily relatable and will leave a lasting impression. Additionally, while my review focuses on The Cookie EP, another spectacular review site dedicated to Dungeon Synth reviews – The Sword That Sang – is releasing a review on the other self-titled release, The Cottage EP. So, please check that one out here: These albums are fantastic, so please visit the link below and download them right away!

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