Oestergaards Reveals A Maniacal Take On The End Of A Depressive State Of Mind With ‘Moloken’ EP

Sometimes the battles in our mind are much more difficult to overcome than physical battles. In reality, the emotional scars left behind from the devastating effects of depression and severe anxiety can last a lifetime, whereas most physical scars are only temporary and will fade away over time. Not only do emotional scars have a limitless timeframe, the way everyone deals with their own trauma is a work within itself. Unfortunately, many people unsuccessfully combatant their anguish, but others find solitude in various platforms as a coping mechanism. Oestergaards has found solace with the release of his latest EP, ‘Moloken’, a deep and dark ambient adventures that shows a fortunate escape from the struggles of depression.

On the opening track “Moloken”, industrial-tinged drones pierce through like an endless nightmare. The cavernous tones set forth are equivalent to being strapped to a bed – against your will – in a darkened asylum, where the staff are there to do more harm than good. Barely audible voices can be heard about halfway through, adding a dreadful vibe to this track. “Dihovle (The Whining Of Ordinary People)” has a discordant effect as if it could be an intro to a black metal song. However, that soon changes into a soft drone with light whispers and crystal clear pad sounds as if you’ve been left all alone and are free to leave the toxic environment of the asylum. “Agansam” contains various deep drones and gruesome sounding textures that will leave you with a discomforting feeling as it seems to suddenly end just as it’s getting good. “Assint (In The Name Of Nothing)” is a rather eerie piece as it begins with some distant, heavy breathing followed by a howling wind drone that grows louder and louder while various noises are happening in the background. The final track, “Stavsberget (No Horizon Left)” signals the end of the misery – whether good or bad. Grandiose drones and field recordings dominate throughout and the distorted speech track that can be heard in a few spots is creepy enough to start another anxiety attack. The song ends as if a needle has been stuck at the end of a record that has been playing seamlessly for hours.

Oestergaards has created a very therapeutic recording with ‘Moloken’, but I only wish that the playing time was double in length. This is top quality dark ambient and fans of Neraterræ and Monocube will love this. Although I will definitely be checking out the back catalog from this artist, I can’t wait to see what the future hold as well. Please show your support for this amazing artist and download this album from the link below.

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