Sádon & Treha Sektori Coalesce Haunting Vocals & Ethereal Soundscapes On Quaint Collaboration, ‘Symphony Of Dying’

When musical atmospheres collide, the nebulous outcome can sometimes be so tremendous, that the infinite drift while under its influence can be mind-altering. Combining celestial vocal sequences with ambiguous soundscapes and textures is just what Sádon & Treha Sektori have done in order to achieve this magnificent milestone. ‘Symphony Of Dying” is a staggering collaboration of epic proportions, even though it clocks in at under thirty minutes. Although rooted in dark ambient, Sádon & Treha Sektori offer so much more to satisfy the senses.

Daring album opener, “Shadow”, is a culmination of layered vocalizations with minimal soundscapes, as the duo calmly draw the listener into their world before unleashing a somber, wall-of-sound presentation. “Elimination” slowly creeps in like an overweight locomotive bound for a far-off destination. As the vocals and instrumentation collide, a sense of euphoria and serenity take over, eradicating thoughts of anything else but the music itself. Pulsating percussion makes its presence felt, congealing the overall sound of this harrowing track. “Wolfs Day” flows in a very placid state, but by the time the vocals hit, the feeling of precariousness sets in, locking the listener in on a musical journey. “Spear Over Our Heads” provides sedative drones with eccentric hisses and layered keyboards full of melodic tones as if vicariously anticipating a morning sunrise in a distant wasteland. The final track, “Aegeus” mysteriously has about twenty five seconds of silence before a sudden soundscape intro begins. Various instrument sounds sway in and out of the recording in a horrific way, as if to say an apocalyptic journey toward a final destination has been reached. Never swaying far from this format, as the instruments fade out, the track dies off with an eerie drone.

Although ‘Symphony Of Dying’ is a short audio affair, it is a compelling adventure that will keep the listeners attention from start to finish. I’ve listened to this album quite a few times now and I don’t think I’ve ever skipped a track. It’s just that good and needs to be heard from the beginning until the end. I hope to hear more collaborations from Sádon & Treha Sektori in the future, but until then, I’ll cherish this superb recording. Please support this excellent album by downloading it from the link below.

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