Infinexhuma Assembles Dismal Drones And Manic Soundscapes On ‘Unasan’ That Resonate Into Eternal Obliteration

The subtleties of darkness are all around and coagulate into many forms. As the adversaries of evil try to expose the inherent workings of malevolent entities, the bleak becomes gloomier and dreary, causing a longing for inner peace. This longing turns into a desolate energy in the form of ‘Unasan’, the near two hour master work from Infinexhuma that is saturated with ritualistic drones, resounding dark ambience and industrial-strength soundscapes. Comprising of some of the most well thought out arrangement I’ve ever heard on a dark ambient recording, these tracks have a trance-like quality that will captivate you from beginning to end. Also, for the most part, it is a very minimalistic recording, but the nuances that are mixed in is what makes this stand out amongst its peers.

The aptly titled album opener, “The Warning”, starts with spoken word intro, as if the devil himself is conveying a cautionary message. The sizzles of a crackling fire and forceful winds in the background set a scene of spiteful terror. “Asahskar” has a very deep and cold drone that is oddly soothing, while the sounds that resemble the random strums of a distorted guitar provide a chilling ensemble of dreariness. The fourteen minute long “Suffocation” is a horrific sounding drone with terrifying audio and voice samples that will make your skin crawl. As the deep tones smother your intrinsic senses, mind-altering harmonies can be heard, creating a layer of beautiful eeriness. “Feel Their Eyes” is like waking up in the middle of nowhere, as this industrial ambient nightmare grows louder and stronger, reeking havoc on the state of mind. “Fighting Back” features some beautiful keyboard sounds, wind chimes and various other field recordings to go with the very relaxing ambient texture that flows ever so smoothly in the background. “Dreaming In Nightmares” continues the winning combination of sparse, yet eclectic vocal patterns, futuristic soundscapes and field recording. If this is the sound of true nightmares, then you better fight to stay awake. “Freedom Window” is a nice change of pace as it begins with an alluring piano arrangement before fading into a minimalistic drone. The detail in this track is immaculate and it’s one of the most creative efforts on the album. “Past Taker Oni” begins with a wall of static-like sound followed by a horrifying narration, as if evil has spoken yet again. Although barely audible, you can tell that the message being conveyed is meant to terrorize it’s listeners. “The’u Rang Pit (feat. Neraterræ)” contains inhuman sounds and deep grumbling as if the lifeless bodies of purgatory are being processed for an afterlife of eternal damnation. The soundscapes are so heinous sounding, listening to this at night through headphones are bound to give you nightmares. The clean piano arrangement at the end of this track is incredible and fits perfectly with this song. It’s almost meditative in nature and I don’t want it to end. “Violent Tara” begins with the creepy sounds of Tibetan bells played randomly. Spoken word augments the usual drone space in this bizarre track, as other demonic vocalizations can be heard a well. Is this song doesn’t mess with your mind, then I don’t know what will. “Peace Beyond Death” is another fantastic drone that proves that it’s always possible to do more with less. Through minimal droning, the exquisitely places soundscapes create such a monstrous atmosphere on this track, that I consider it one of my favorites on the album. “The Edge Of Resistance” is another track that pushes the fourteen minute mark. Starting with what sounds to be digital water drops, it soon turns to a frigid drone with malevolent textures and soundscapes. The final track on the album is “Goodbye Host”. Starting with church organs and a spoken word narration in the form of a prayer, it morphs into a very unique drone/rock song, with a nice drum beat and bass line, as if it were being used as an “ending credits” song for a movie. Even those this track is different from the rest of the album, dynamically it fits right in and I think it is the perfect ending to the masterful album.

It’s no wonder why Neraterræ chose Infinexhuma for a guest spot on his 2019 album, ‘The Substance Of Perception’. With his keen sense for detail, audial imaging and dynamic approach to these types of arrangements, Infinexhuma is a champion of the dark ambient genre. ‘Unasan’ is just an example of exactly how good he is at crafting dark ambient and drone music while keeping it interesting and challenging to the listener. From calm piano arrangements to harsh industrial ambient sounds, ‘Unasan’ has it all and you won’t be disappointed in this near two hour long recording. Please support Infinexhuma and download this excellent album from the link below.

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