Dungeon Synth Infused With Classical Arrangements Make For A Sacred Odyssey On The Debut Self-Titled Encloaked Offering

The explosion of the dungeon synth genre over the past few years has not only seen the introduction of countless artists, but also the infusion of other styles to add a particular creativity that keeps the music exciting and fresh. One of those artists that has a very impressive spin on the genre is Encloaked. Although not solely a dungeon synth artist, there is just enough of it incorporated to keep a stronghold with the brand, while maintaining a balance with a multifaceted blend of various other musical styles. Self-tilted debut album, ‘Encloaked’, is an effortless blend of dungeon synth, smooth fantasy vibes, classical piano arrangements, live instrumentation, and all around impeccable song writing.

Debonair album opener, “The Ramtops” is a fluid fantasy synth anthem with a great mix of piano and synth arrangements. Grandiose orchestrations will remind you of valiant medieval times, when kings ruled over vast lands, clustered villages and the privileged of the royal families that lived in the high castles. “Cobwebs And Secrets” is an alluring piano ballad with an occasional traditional dungeon synth run thrown in to add a twist of uniqueness. My favorite track on the album, “Always Winter”, starts with a chilling synthesizer tone and is soon joined by live drum beats and a dazzling guitar solo. This combination works amazingly well with the rest of the track and it ends too soon, in my opinion . It also has a very early 90’s gothic rock vibe and I could seriously listen to a whole album of this stuff. “Weary At The Inn” is a buoyant string arrangement that has an extremely cheerful vibe to it. At the total opposite end of the spectrum is the dark, piano piece, “Amongst The Roots”. The songwriting here is absolutely amazing and the mix of the synth undertones gives this track life beyond the darkness. The main piano track that is played over and over again is simply beautiful, and toward the end of the track, the addition of a synth solo gives this somber dirge a boost of illustrious melody. “Green Fire” is a sleek fantasy song with multiple layers of synth sounds that clash together in a wonderful pulsating rhythm. “Dance Of The Broken Branch” is a killer track of quirky cadence played with traditional dungeon synth sounds. I can imaging the jester of the Kings court putting on a performance for his royal audience, while a band of villagers play this track on man-made instruments. It represents fun times in days filled with mostly darkness. The final track on the album, “Light Beyond” begins with a spacey ambient sound, while various synth sounds form a fantasy-laden atmosphere. Multiple soundscapes take shape throughout the track as it finally draws to an end with the sounds of birds chirping, as to say the dawn of a new day is here.

Encloaked is a fascinating up-and-coming dungeon synth artist that sounds extremely comfortable playing classically influenced fantasy synth. There is a lot of variety on this album, which I love, and the production effort is noteworthy as well. As the highly impressive album art draws you in, the music will certainly grab ahold of you and keep you entertained. I highly recommend checking out and downloading ‘Encloaked’ from the link below.

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