MUUR’s bombastic approach to dark ambient creates a new level of ritualistic obscurity with ‘Bod’

Although the term Dark Ambient has a clear definition of what it represents on the surface, the genre goes much deeper than the aesthetics of droning soundscapes and eerie field recordings. From the early beginnings of analog synthesizers to the inception of electronics, field recordings, narrations, Gregorian chants, and acoustic instruments, dark ambient has developed into an intriguing, multi-layered spectacle that crosses multiple genres and appeals to a wider audience than ever before. MUUR takes all of this in stride and presents ‘Bod’, a fifty one plus minute dark ambient ritual that will equally appeal to fans of Sunn O))), Phurpa, and Neraterræ.

The track begins with some ominous ritual sounds with a slow introduction of haunting whispers, chants and electric guitar chords. In the background banging drums can be heard and slowly get louder as they coordinate with the main riff of the song. At around the twelve minute mark, the drum beat turns into more of a tribal pattern as the fluidity of the track increases. Several minutes later, the music gives way to some breathtaking Gregorian style chanting that creates vocal-like ambient texture that isn’t rivaled by many artist in the genre. At the thirty minute mark, the tribal-like drum patterns make their way back into the mix, along with a few field recordings that provide the sensation of a climactic ritual observance. This is soon joined by the low-end tones of an electric bass and guitar with the same style riff as in the beginning of the song. More chanting is introduced, as if the high priest of the dark is presenting a sacrificial offering to the gods. With just twelve minutes left in the song, all of the instruments and soundscapes come to a halt and give way to a harsh guitar tone as if the sacrifice has been completed and the offer to the gods has been accepted.

‘Bod’ offers a very unique insight into the future of ritualistic dark ambient music. If you like the harsher, more experimental side of dark ambient, this just may be the recording for you. The many types of unique, atmospheric expressions offered on this album are very well put together and thought provoking. The Cyclic Law Label has picked another superb artist to add to their lineup and this one shouldn’t be missed. Please support MUUR by clicking on the link below and downloading ‘Bod’ and enjoy the ritual ambience that it provides.

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