Immateriæ Forges Through Medieval Times Via Mystical Deep Space Portal

Usually when listening to a good Dungeon Synth album, we can imagine being taken back to a distant, medieval time when knights battled for the glory of the king, the forest was an enchanted place of mystical beings, and the inhuman population crowded the dungeons below. However, with the recent release of ‘Leere’ by Immateriæ, Dungeon Synth has safely weathered the elements of deep space and produced a four track – nearly thirty minutes – of cosmic synth that epitomizes the reason why I named this blog, The Dungeon In Deep Space in the first place.

Album opener, “Through Dark Matter And Misty Thoughts” starts off slow and then the DS style synthesizers materialize, adding multiple layers and provide a wonderful melody to this otherwise, gloomy track. For a track that seemingly has a lot going on, it’s also very minimalistic – an approach that works rather well. The second song is the eight and a half minute long “Awakening Of The Psyché.” This track showcases a great mix of reverb synths mixed with space ambient tones. The overall vibe of this song will leave the listener with a sense of loneliness and isolation, but also with a vision of clear direction and accomplishment. “Reaching Beyond The Old Sites” fades in with the same music as the outro of the previous song and continues the journey through the cosmos as our protagonist ventures past distances not previously known by man. This ten minute long track replenishes the mind in a more positive direction even though there is no end in sight for this endless voyage. The final track, “Distant Stars In Elder Memory” is a short track that is full of layered synths to signify a possible ending of some sort in this epic adventure.

Although this is a relatively short album, these four tracks are extremely well put together and the ambiance of the production is amazing. I’m really hoping that Immateriæ is going to provide a follow up release soon in the same vein as ‘Leere’ because it’s something new, fresh, and exactly what the Dungeon Synth Community needs right now. Please support this artist and click on the link below to download this amazing album!

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