Interstellar Space – Special Halloween Review #2: Solus Woods – ‘All Hallows’ EP

For my second Halloween review, I’ll be checking out the latest from Solus Woods entitled, ‘All Hallows’. Just released several days ago, Solus Woods dives into the spooky sounds of the scariest night of the year and replenishes our senses with the shrills of horror films from yesteryear; and when I say yesteryear, I’m talking mid to late 80’s slasher flicks. Although these five tracks total at just under ten minutes, they pack quite a punch and would make for the perfect background noise while handing out candy to the trick o’ treaters that think their approach to your front door will scare you.

Lead off track, “A Lonesome Ghoul Rises From The Grave” could have easily been written as the into track for the Day Of The Dead soundtrack, as it conjure up the undead with its haunting ambient tones and mesmerizing keyboard arrangement. “The Death Omen Of A Radiant Boy” drones with the hiss and crackle of an old record, while celestial soundscapes resinate with power. The sounds of an eerie music box provide a sense of dread and torment and the scare factor is real. “In The House, A Sad Ghost Reflects On Life” contains bleak soundscapes, a discordant piano provision, and a grandfather clock that signifies that time is up for the lost souls that are held captive in the afterlife. “Wendigo” is an alluring ambient-style piece with lush soundscapes and contain a touch of special effects at the end to keep the arrangement interesting. The final track, “Beyond The Threshold, The Fiend Lurks” would be the perfect piece to play during the ending credits of a movie that contained a horrific ending. Although minimalistic with scorching synthesized tones, the sound is quite evil and the abrupt ending will leave you wanting more to listen to.

Solus Woods continues to outdo previous albums with each new one that is released. From the quality of writing, construction of the songs and overall product production, Solus Woods is quickly becoming one of my go-to bands for not only dungeon synth, but for dark ambient recordings as well. I highly recommend checking out and supporting this magnificent artist and downloading not only ‘All Hallows’, but the entire back catalog as well.

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