Interstellar Space – Special Halloween Review #3: Erythrite Throne – ‘Ghost Stories’

Erythrite Throne is one of those amazing bands that has the gift of seamlessly combining multiple genres of music into a singular platform to convey a sound like no other. In this case, the genres of Dungeon Synth and Black Metal are the dominant art forms that take center stage and their merger leaves the sound of Erythrite Throne undeniably, and unmistakably one-of-a-kind. However, on this very special Hallows Eve release called ‘Ghost Stories’, the harsh black metal tones are vacated, in place of symphony sickness that is sure to mesmerize and soothe the angriest of night spirits.

Conjuring up ghostly spirits, “Devil’s Night” seems like a fitting album opener as the soothing keyboard sounds fool the listener into a trance-like state before the somber dirges (of the remainder of the album) take over and evoke the essence of evil that only come out on this particular eve. “Decaying Burial Grounds” is an excellent symphonic piece with catchy melodic hooks and fluid low-end bass keys that provide a stable platform for eliciting frightful pleasures from beyond the grave. The beginning of “The Dhampyre’s Tomb” would be a great intro for a black metal album, but when the lush keyboard kicks in, it’s reminiscent of a song taken from an 80’s horror film soundtrack. Elements of this song are very dark and grim but the standout arrangement make it deceitfully beautiful. “Shriek Of The Witch” exhibit elements of classic dungeon synth in the way the lead off keyboard style and patterns are played. It is combined perfectly with the back end track to create a tasty treat to ward of the ghoulish entities. My favorite track on the album, “A Dance In The Cemetery Fog” combines elements of dungeon synth, symphonic keys, twisted & macabre sounding instrumentation, and simple keyboard arrangements to create a grave worthy track of haunts and frights. The albums final number, “Tale Of The Lonely Ghost” is another exemplary track that incorporates a drum beat and multiple, haunting melody tracks that are sewn together to form contorted dirge that are sure to please all of the ghastly beings of the underworld.

Erythrite Throne definitely have the upper hand when it comes to releasing Dungeon Black Metal. Even though some releases do not contain the sounds of harsh vocals or guitars, they contain the symphonic elements of the lighter side of black metal, thus remaining classified in the same genre of music. ‘Ghost Stories’ is no exception to that, as beautiful keyboard arrangements and lush-type synths take the lead on this special Halloween album release. I recommend listening to this with the lights turned off, under the natural light of a single burning candle and be willing to communicate with the afterlife, as this album can be used as the perfect medium. This superlative album can be downloaded at the link below.

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